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Dogpound Fight Team - 2006
The Team 2006
Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is gracing the world in a big way traching great Self Defense techniques for men. Fighters from across the globe compete to achieve glory, respect, and pride. The Dogpound is proud to produce some of the strongest, and most fierce competitors in the nation. Competing in events all over, the Dogpound is making its presents felt throughout.

We train fighters, grapplers, and all-around warriors. The Dogpound holds several accumulated belts, countless grappling medals, and a greater sense for the MMA scene.

Move Of The Month
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Ghetto Triangle from Guard

step 1
Step 1: Open your guard to set
your opponent up.

Step 2
Step 2: As your opponent goes for the sweep, keep your hips down and grab both arms.
Step 4
Step 3: With both arms trapped, move your legs over your opponents shoulders.

Step 4
Step 4: Grab your opponent by the back of the head and the back of the shoulder. Slide your leg toward your opponents neck toward your hand that is holding the neck.

Step 5
Step 5: Move your arm from your opponents shoulder, under their neck and grab the shin of the leg that is across the neck. Continue to hold the head.
Step 6
Step 6: Finish the move by figure-four locking your leg and sliding your hips forward. At the same time, pull your opponents head toward your stomach.

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